˝In 2013/14 Kristina Markic was a highly valued member of the management team consisting of three people that executed a 1,1 million Euro European financed twinning project between the governments of Croatia, France, Austria and The Netherlands. She was responsible for all financial aspects and for arranging over twenty foreign missions to Zagreb. She made excellent contacts with officials from these countries and was able to make and maintain good connections with the appropriate Croatian and European officials. The project was very complex and about 100 people with very different backgrounds participated intensively in the project. Kristina operates somewhat discreetly in the background, but she knows how to get a lot done. Her creativity and perseverance are core competences. It is certainly in a large part thanks to her that the project was successful. She never disappointed.

Mario Cerutti, Resident Twinning Advisor in the Project

Senior Program Manager Water Management - Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management - The Netherlands

˝U Kristini sam pronašla iskusnu, savjesnu i sposobnu kolegicu na koju sam se uvijek mogla osloniti. (Na projektu EU-a na kojem smo zajedno radile) bile smo savršen tandem, svi su nas hvalili. To su bila dobra vremena. Kristina u tri riječi: usredotočena, uporna, predana poslu. OK, četiri 🙂 U poslu zna postaviti prioritete, nevjerojatno je uporna i ne odustaje dok ne riješi problem. Kristina voli raditi ono što vi vjerojatno ne volite (i time vam štedi vrijeme i novac).˝

Sanja Željeznjak, prevoditeljica

˝In my capacity of co-Project Leader I had Kristina as a close collaborator since 2010, when she was the project assistant in the EU twinning project for the adoption in Croatia of the EU legislation on chemicals, industrial risk and GLP (good laboratory practices). The project was implemented jointly by Sweden (lead partner) and Italy between 2010-2012. Her contribution to the project was outstanding: she covered different tasks, like communications/relations with Croatian institutions involved in the project (National Health Institute, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, Environmental Agency), interpretation and translation, filing and archiving, impeccable accounting records using a simple but effective financial control Excel sheet, organisation of events (training, conferences, site visits, study visits abroad).
Later between 2017 and 2019 I had been posted as Resident Twinning Advisor (coordinator on-site) of the twinning project to improve the environmental information system for monitoring industrial risks and to project the impacts in case of accidents. Kristina supported the project team as interpreter and translator, taking care also of the editing of large technical documents, she also organised training events and acted as conference moderator.
At the end of 2019 she was enrolled to assist in a new project (called SEE CEING), funded by Italy and managed by UN Environment Programme, to train IT and environmental experts of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia. In this training project, lasting to the end of 2020 and carried out mostly online by means of specialised software, Kristina has the pivotal role of organising logistics and communications among experts and authorities of 7 countries, moreover she is in charge of record keeping and financial control. Kristina is carrying out her tasks with the usual precision and effectiveness. ˝    

Stefano Cocchi, Freelance Project Consultant